Saw Eli slip out of the near certain sack and get the helmet catch throw off and told myself is the single greatest sporting moment I will ever witness and I think that probably still true. At the time I wasn really a big NFL fan, just watched whoever my Dad was watching, which was Green Bay at the time, the Favre connection. Sooo when Eli went to NY, I said, ok I gonna follow him and support that team.

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dresses sale StardomAfter several minor roles in low budget movies Marilyn’s first serious acting job came in 1950 when she had a small but crucial role in “The Asphalt Jungle” and received favorable reviews. Later that year, Marilyn’s performance as Claudia Caswell in All About Eve (starring Bette Davis) earned her further praise. From then on Marilyn worked steadily in movies such as: Let’s Make It Legal, As Young As You Feel, Monkey Business and Don’t Bother to Knock dresses sale.