Clearly wanting attention for a future career as a street artist, perhaps Landeros isn’t as crazy as most would like to think. After all, in 1974 Tony Shafrazi spray painted the words “Kill Lies All” on Picasso’s Guernica, housed in New York’sMuseum of Modern Art. In a 1980 interview, he elaborated on his purpose: “I wanted to bring the art absolutely up to date, to retrieve it from art history and give it life.” Now Shafrazi is a successfulart dealer in Chelsea, making pretty profits from all of the modern works he manages to sell..

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As I mentioned, baking tasty pastry is a family tradition here, they all $7 are freshly made each day, very large , easily serving several people. Buzzed Pecan Pie has a Jack Daniels infused crust, Kickin’ Cherry Pie is made with fresh sour cherries, and there are Devil’s Cake ad Red Velvet Cake yet to be Designer Replica Bags tried. The Smokin’ Joint is still a work in progress, but it shows enough promise to be strongly encouraged.